Connecting Conversations

Connecting Conversations has joined the ASCEND team!

More people are experiencing loneliness than ever before.

  • This project trains and supports 30 “Leaders by experience” and 12 staff from community organisations
  • The aim is to encourage sharing and using the lived experience of loneliness and isolation to offer support to others and to help improve services to tackle loneliness in Hertfordshire,
  • Views of the Leaders by Experience are contributed through working together with service managers on an equal footing
  • We are funded by The National Lottery Building Communities Fund, as part of a national programme to tackle loneliness.
  • We have adapted how we work in response to the current health emergency and sudden changes to our lifestyles, to ensure our project remains connected and relevant. The work is carrying on and as we cannot meet face to face at the moment, we are talking to each other online, by phone and through the post.
  • This year we are organising workshops where we discuss ideas together with managers of services throughout Hertfordshire. Topics include
    • Online tea parties
    • Healthy Hubs
    • How cultural activities can improve loneliness
    • Lockdown Lyrics

If you have personal experience of loneliness and would like to join us, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.        07701 007 127       07415 003 178