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Step In Cafe – the Community Love It!

Our Step Up Cafe has been running for 4 months now. The whole idea behind the café is to bring those together, who are mainly over 50, to help combat loneliness in South Oxhey, particularly at the weekends when loneliness can be at its worst. Here is what some of our visitors have been saying:-
“I don’t do anything so I’d be out shopping or at home, but wouldn’t be talking to people. It’s a safe place to meet people.”
“It’s company, friendship, you get to know people. I looked forward to coming today.”
“I get to interact with people, otherwise I’d be at home bored.”
“I feel very relaxed, brings everyone in community together, gets me away from my household.”
“It’s company, I have a laugh, it’s very enjoyable, a chance to do different activities, there’s a good variety.”
“It’s enjoyable meeting people, and gets me out of the house, gives me confidence.”
“It means a lot, I just like all the company. We all have a laugh here.”
Our next cafe is on Saturday 14 March from 2pm to 4pm, when there will be a bonus talk at 3pm given by Andrew Scarth about bees and honey – which we no doubt will be able to sample with a scone.