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ASCEND Wins HAFLS Provider of the Year

ASCEND is delighted to announce that it has won the HAFLS best provider of the year award.  Commenting on the award, HAFLS Commissioning and Contract Management Officer, Sumayyah Shah said, “The provider we have chosen as the winner has impressed in so many different areas this year.   They have consistently shown their capacity to improve by taking HAFLS feedback on board and running with it.   Through this pro-active approach and hard work, they have reduced their actions on their action plan down to zero.   They also spent the time and effort to meticulously internally moderate their quality paperwork and in an organised manner before sending into HAFLS, proving to be invaluable as they passed all moderation with flying colours.  They are embedded deep within their local community and will do above and beyond to ensure learners have a wonderful learning experience as well as ensuring the paperwork requirements are being met at the same time. it is clear through interaction with this provider that they understand partnership working is invaluable and are always willing to share excellent best practice sessions and fully commit to participating in a range of HAFLS activities such as training and forums.”