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A Clients View - 12 February 2018

We often hear from clients who appreciate the services we provide.  We recently heard from Amanda who took time to write the following,

" I like coming to ASCEND.  They have given me a lot of confidence and self belief; something I have lacked for so many years due to unforeseen circumstances.  But the one thing I have liked about ASCEND is that everybody is kind and very friendly to each other.  ASCEND has also given me the confidence to try and forget things that have happened in my past.    My advice to anyone is to try and go the ASCEND because you never know what you can achieve in yourself."

ASCEND is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.


All Saints Church Centre
Gosforth Lane
South Oxhey
WD19 7AX

T: 020 8420 1364
F: 020 8420 1741

Investor in People

National Lottery Funded European Social Fund - Skills Funding Agency